Serving the public and the environment 

Serving residents of Berrien County since 1977

The GRSD Sewer Authority is an intergovernmental agency responsible for wastewater treatment in southwestern Berrien County.


We serve the cities of New Buffalo and Bridgman, New Buffalo, Chikaming and Lake Townships, and portions of Lincoln, Baroda, and Weesaw Townships.

COVID-19 Precautions

Masks are required to enter GRSD Sewer Authority property.

All employees and guests are required to complete a COVID-19 symptom screening

before beginning work.


If you have any questions, contact Hannah Jongkind (Environmental Compliance Coordinator).

Here at the GRSD Sewer Authority, we are in the business of taking wastewater and cleaning it to the best of our ability. 


After a rigorous treatment process, clean, safe wastewater is discharged to the beautiful Galien River.  


Help at Home!

You can help protect our environment by letting only things that belong in the sewer system go down the drain.


Do not flush or rinse anything down the drain that isn't supposed to be there, including hygiene products, wet-wipes, straws, fats, oils, and grease.

Help at Work!

If you can identify anything that could cause an accidental release of pollutants or other solids into the sewer, act now!


Install spill control equipment, pretreatment equipment, and create spill and stormwater prevention procedures.


Help Educate!

Join us in our mission to protect the environment by sharing your knowledge with anyone and everyone.


The next time you see someone rinsing greasy dishes in the sink or flushing things that shouldn't be, let them know that their actions endanger the environment and make our job much harder.


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